It's great to have someone who'll pat your back when you mess up. But it's way better to have someone by your side who can advise you on how to avoid messing up on the first place. Ucommerce Buddies are a response to what we think is one of the greatest values we can offer other companies - dedicated assistance of the sites you build with our software.

The Ucommerce Buddy will be your main contact point through the project and is a member of the Ucommerce Core Team. This means that your Ucommerce Buddy will have the technical background to help you with all your technical issues. When you purchase a Ucommerce Enterprise license, you'll be assigned a Ucommerce Buddy for that specific project.

Enterprise licenses are usually meant for big projects, and we know that this can bring big challenges along. When you purchase an Enterprise license, we want to make sure that you exploit all the ways in which Ucommerce can help you - that's the point of having a Ucommerce Buddy - with the license, you get the potential to exploit the software, with the Buddy, you get the expertise to exploit that potential.

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