Privacy Policy

This website collects various types of information on the user that visits it. This document tries to explain what types of information is collected, how & why it is collected, what it is used for, and if there is any 3rd parties this information is shared with.

Visitor statistics

We use Google Analytics for tracking where visitors comes from and what they are doing on our website. This is important to us for two reasons:
1) To evaluate our marketing efforts, so we don't waste our money on something that just doesn't work. 
2) To evaluate how visitors use our website so we can make improvements to the user experience.

Note that none of the information is person identifiable, it is as close to anonymous as it can get (see later for more details). The information is stored in a secure manner at Google and not shared with any 3rd parties at all.

Marketing Tracking systems

At the moment, the only marketing tracking system deployed on this website (besides Google Analytics) is Google Adwords. When you click an Adwords ad on the Google Search Result Page, Google sets a cookie on your PC or device to track this. There is nothing we can do about that, this happens before you land on our website.

This cookie is used by the Adwords system to track the effectiveness of our ads, again so we don't throw our money at something that just doesn't work. Google is nice like that, believe it or not. And like Google Analytics, the information collected by Adwords is not person identifiable, and not shared with anyone else.

You can learn more about those cookies over at Google, and also how you can opt-out of them.

Other systems

That is more or less it. Analytics and Adwords.

We don't use a ton of different tracking or optimization systems as all our ressources and money is poured into making a great product and providing a great service instead. And we'd rather go out and ask our users what they think, than pour over data, databases and Excel spreadsheets to try to make sense of it all. We're weird like that.


Acording to recent EU law we are obliged to tell you about what cookies we set and what information is stored in them. Which we actually are more than happy to tell you about, transparency is second nature to us Danes.

  • Session ID (name: ASP.NET_SessionId - Lifetime: Session based)
    This website is build using a technology called .NET, which automatically sets what is called a "Session Cookie". Most technologies on the internet does this, because otherwise a website wouldn't recognise you from pageview to pageview.

    This cookie contains a random number on you, is not personal identifiable in any way, and disapears automatically after 20-30 minuters, or when you close your browser. Without this cookies, this website simply would not work, which is also why this exact type of cookie is excempt from the EU cookie law.
  • Basket ID (name: basketid - Lifetime: 1 year)
    This cookie is set whenever you try to purchase one of our products. It contains nothing but a random user id, but we use this on the server side to remember what product you have selected, the address information you have entered etc. etc. 

    This all happens during what is called the checkout process, which is actually also excempt from the EU cookie law. But we thought we would tell you about it anyway.

    The cookie lasts one year, or until your complete an order. Then it is deleted.
  • Google Analytics
    As stated above we use Google Analytics to track usage behavior.

    Google Analytics sets four cookies containing either a randomly generated user id plus a little bit of information on how you may have found us. None of this information can be used to identify a specific person. That is, unless you mention yourself in 3rd person and Google something like "How can John Smith use Ucommerce to his advantage". Then we may be able to see this, but there's only a small chance of that actually being tracked.

    These cookies are essential for us in order for us to improve our business, we hope you can accept them. Read more at Google, where you also can opt out of them.

    Name Lifetime Purpose
    __utma 2 years Contains a random user id used for recognizing you if you ever returns to this website.
    Session Contains a random user id used for recognizing you between each pageview.
    __utmz 6 months Contains information on where you came from before ending up on our website.
    __utmv 1-6 months Cookie used when we do various user based experiments on the website through one of Googles tools.
  • Google Adwords (name: id[] - Lifetime: 2 years)
    This is one of the cookies that the EU cookie law is trying to limit. But before you go in to panic about being targeted, hear us out:

    There is no person identifiable information stored in or with this cookie. As with all other cookies you're just a random number.

    The cookie is used to sometimes serve more relevant banner ads to you when you travel around the internet. So by accepting this cookie, once in a while instead of seeing some random banner trying to get you to punch a monkey or telling you that you may have one one-gazzilion-dollars, you may be served a banner about Ucommerce instead. And is that really such a bad thing?

    If this is something that you're not happy with, we can actually do you a huge service. You can opt-out of most of these tracking systems, not only for this website but across all websites on the internet.

    Then you'll get your punch-a-monkey banners back :-)
  • Azure Webhosting (name: ARRAfinity - Lifetime: Session based)
    This website is hostet in the cloud, on an Azure website sometimes spreading multiple servers. This cookie makes sure that all requests from your session is distributed to the same server and contains a randomly generated string.
  • Azure Webhosting (name: WAWebSiteSID - Lifetime: Session based)
    Just as with the above ARRAfinity, this cookie is set by our hosting solution. But where the above ensures that you get directed to the same server on each hit, this cookie is used to direct you to the same individual website on that particular server.

That's about it. If you discover that we set any cookies or track any other information that is not listed in this document, we hope that you will forgive us and contact us immediately! Tracking and cookie technology, in particular those used by the few 3rd party tools we use, is pretty advanced stuff and evolve all the time. And although we try to be on top of everything out there, sometimes we may miss something



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