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uConnector explained


The uConnector addresses an issue relevant to all who need to integrate and exchange data between systems, e.g. to and from a given ERP system and into uCommerce or any system in fact. It facilitates the transfer of data to and from uCommerce and the customer's back-end ERP/PIM system and consequently saves a large part of the time usually spent on integration in an e-commerce project.

uConnector at a Glance

Watch our introduction video on what the uConnector is all about.

The Problem

The challenge for any e-commerce project is typically to integrate a number of systems, in order to fulfill
the client's wishes to sell products online. As the client typically has an ongoing business, the systems
sustaining the current business, needs to be integrated with the e-commerce framework.

The Solution

Until now the developers has had to rely on the open API's and the Framework First structure of uCommerce to do this type of integration. But with the arrival of the uConnector, all the developer needs to do is align the data format to fit into the uConnector data set - and then the uConnector will handle all the necessary exchange of data.

Anders Lund"After working with the details of uConnector we believe that the uConnector will be a tool helping us a big step towards making integration-projects "more standard". In addition, our belief is that the components of the complete integration-engine will be more reusable between projects.
The conclusion: From a business perspective we hope to be able to deliver more value for less. Something that is fairly uncommon in the world of e-commerce integration"
- Anders Lund, CEO LAIT

The uConnector comes with standard integration to Excel and .csv files.  Any further integration can easily be developed.

uConnector Diagram


uConnector is bundled with uCommerce for Umbraco Enterprise Edition as well as uCommerce for Sitecore.

Download uConnector

Here's how you can get the uConnector along with samples and documentation.

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