uCommerce Master Class Training

uCommerce Master Class Training

uCommerce Master Class Training

By attending uCommerce Master Class you and your team will get a better understanding of the uCommerce platform. In only two days you will learn how to build shops using best practice and deliver high quality projects to your customers.

"Attending the Master Class both gave me the basic level of understanding needed to complete a uCommerce project as well as insight into the more advanced topics."    Kern Herskind, Sitecore Specialist

Master Class Adds Great Value

uCommerce can have a steep learning curve and it can be a time consuming task to get a grip on. The training course is developed from years of experience and will enable you to get the best possible starting point. It is our experience that this will save you valuable time, and you'll avoid falling into the various pitfalls complicated ecommerce projects tend to have.

Get the Most Out of uCommerce

The uCommerce Demo Store will enable you to get started quickly on projects and avoid developing stores from scratch on each project. At the Master Class you will learn how the Demo Store can be used in the best manner, giving you a chance to deliver ecommerce projects faster than ever.

Furthermore you will also take a deep dive into uCommerce and learn how to structure pipelines and extensions the way intended, enabling you to customize the stores to your client's needs.

Shortly told the Master Class will enable you to spend time on what's important and not seeing your project go haywire.

Part of Our Certification Structure

Not only will you gain knowledge on how to take fully advantage of uCommerce, you will also be a part of our certification program. Being a uCommerce Certified Partner is an assurance to your potential clients that you know how to create awesome uCommerce projects using best practice.

To become certified requires a minimum of two developers attending our Master Class. This will give you a listing on our website and you can actively use it in your marketing and sales pitches.

Interested In Attending a Master Class?

Go to our Event list to see when the next Master Class close to you is conducted. We do our best to locate it where the demand is, but if there is none close to you please let us know that you are interested in training.

Onsite Training

If you have an interest in getting your team educated we do onsite training as well. We will be happy to customize it to your needs. If you want more information about onsite training please get in touch with our sales department.

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