uCommerce Starter Pack

uCommerce Starter Pack

So what is the uCommerce Starter Pack?

You get access to one of the main guys in the uCommerce team, to help you sort out any tricky bits in your projects. It can relate to almost anything, from how to pitch uCommerce to your customer, developer stuff, or even advice on how to do online marketing & analytics for an e-Commerce site.

So I'll just lean back and let you do my work for me?

Nope, we help you along the way with online video chats and guide you as much as we can, based on our years of experience with our product and the industry in general - the actual coding you'll need to do yourself I'm afraid...

So how much help can I expect?

As much as you need! But with one basic Starter Pack you'll get access to 4 session of 1 hour each. It's up to you to book and plan when you need our help - but we'll be ready when you call us.

Great - how much is it?

Only love is free my friend, and we do have families to feed. A single starter pack is 799 EUR+VAT.

And what's the fine print...?

Well, not much really - the only restriction is that the hours in the Starter Pack that you buy is dedicated to the project you bought it for. If you need us for multiple projects you have to buy multiple Starter Packs.

If the above doesn't suit your particular need then do contact us and we'll figure something out.

If this has your interest or if you want to purchase a starter pack, go ahead and drop us a line at sales@ucommerce.dk.

Want to learn more?

uCommerce Aps - Studsgade 29B - 8000 Aarhus C - Denmark
Phone +45 61 799 997 - Email info@ucommerce.dk

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