uCommerce - Frequently Asked Support Questions (FAQ)


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When do I need a license

You don't need a license, if you are just taking uCommerce for a test drive or are developing a site.

uCommerce will run with all features enabled if you install it locally. Or if your domain name contains words like stage, staging, preview, demo, developer etc. So you can easily create a local project and work on it, and show it off to your client using a special domain name (like projectx.staging.mycompany.com).

Even if the above conditions are not met, uCommerce will continue to run. It will just show a "Developer Edition" banner at the top of your website, to notify you that this is the time to get you a license. But it will still be fully functional.

What is a production server

A production server and thus a server which requires a license is customer facing and generally used for content management/authoring or content delivery.

Non-production servers include development-, testing-, and user acceptance test environemnts.

I Installed My License, but the Developer Edition Banner is Still Showing

uCommerce will check for an installed license only once per application start. Recycle your website by saving a change to web.config, executing iisreset, or clicking the recycle button on your app pool.

Also uCommerce requires write access to the root folder of your website to create the license file after the key file is placed there.

I have been issued a new/upgraded license. How do I install it?

To install a new key follow these steps:

- Delete existing ".lic" and ".key" files from the root of your website
- Add the new "uCommerce.key" file to the root
- Recycle IIS (either by modifying web.config or via the IIS manager)
- Upon the first external request the key will be activated

I Installed my License and am Getting a Yellow Banner with the Message "License exceeded"

Once a license is installed uCommerce will verify that the license is met. If the license is exceeded you'll see the banner informing you of the fact.

By default uCommerce ships with a default marketing campaign. If you're running uCommerce Free Edition you must disable the campaign under the marketing node.

Remember to recycle to app pool to force uCommerce to recheck the license.

What does the XML produced by Commerce Library extensions look like?

The XML structures produced by the Commerce Library are highly dynamic in nature. To get the exact structure based on your configuration you can output the XML in a textarea to avoid it being rendered as HTML by the browser using the following piece of code:


  <xsl:copy-of select="CommerceLibrary:GetBasket()"/>


I get an ERROR CREATING CONTROL FOR NODETYPE when accessing dialogs from the content tree


You need to either reinstall uCommerce using the standard installation method

- or -

You can update UI.xml found in <umbraco install directory, usually wwwroot>/umbraco/config/UI.xml manually with the missing dialog information. The current dialog configuration is located in the uCommerce package zip under /umbraco/ucommerce/install/uCommerceUI.xml.


All Umbraco dialogs must be registered in UI.xml, which is located in the /umbraco/config/create/UI.xml. Usually the error is caused by updating Umbraco from one version to another after installing uCommerce. When Umbraco is installed configuration files like UI.xml are overwritten with default ones

Example of the error message

"ERROR CREATING CONTROL FOR NODETYPE: settings__orders_shippingmethods_root

Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.ArgumentException: ERROR CREATING CONTROL FOR NODETYPE: settings__orders_shippingmethods_root

After install I see the root node but no subnodes in the uCommerce app

Verify that you have uCommerce entries in the table umbracoAppTree.

Verify that you have the commerce section in web.config.

The most likely cause of the error is that the user running the website doesn't have write access to web.config, e.g. NETWORKSERVICE or a custom identity.

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