Social Commerce - Let your customers help you sell more

Social Commerce - Customers helping Customers

There is a whole bunch of reasons why having customers leave reviews on the products in a webshop is a good idea:

  • 92% of users read what other users has to say about a product, and 64% lets these reviews influence wether they will buy or not.
  • In usability studies it is often observed, that users skips the actual product description and jumps straight to the product reviews.
  • User reviews adds more content to your product pages. And on top of that, this content is often written in the language of your users, along with spelling mistakes and everything.
  • The reviews means that the content is updated at regular intervals. And updated content is something that Google loves.
  • Reviews turn up in the search results, forcing the user to pay extra attention to your message.

    Google SERP Reviews
  • It can either be fully automated leaving little to no maintenance, or you can control every step of the process and manually aprove reviews before they go online.

As with everything uCommerce, Social Commerce was developed after our Framework-First philosophy. Meaning if there is something in it you don't like or would like to work differently, you can change it or swap it out with your own functionality.

You control the markup

Because the Social Commerce feature is integrated in the CMS' template system, it means that you are in total control of the HTML markup. This allows you to markup the reviews as Rich Snippets or Structured Data, allowing them to be machine readable by Google.

Rich Snippet Reviews

In fact our demo store is already marked up for Rich Snippets, giving you a huge advantage right out of the box.

Administration of Reviews

Reviews can be administrated, approved or rejected, by you both at shop level or even down to the individual product level.

Backend Admin of Reviews

You also decide wether reviews automatically should go online, or wether you want to review them manually first.

Sharing done the way you like it

Another part of Social Commerce is making your content and your products "shareable".

It is easy to add the usual "Share This" social media buttons, because your are in total control of the HTML markup. Figure out which codes and buttons you want, what their markup is and add it to the template system and you're done.

Shareable Content

But because you are in control of the markup, you can also control how your products should be presented when shared on social media sites. Automatically add meta data to your product pages using the Open Graph standard and sites like Facebook or LinkedIn will know how you want your products most important information displayed.

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