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SEO in uCommerce

Having a shop that is Search Engine friendly is key today. It doesn't matter how pretty or usefull your webshop is, if you are not able to drive traffic into it from the search engines.

And especially the organic traffic from Google is important, as it is cheap and abundant. But having a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly shop puts a ton of requirements on the platform. Luckily uCommerce is SEO-friendly right out of the box, and can be customized to support whatever your SEO-guy can come up with.

Friendly URL's

Having friendly URL's, or verbose URL's as they are called, are important as it allows you to place your most important keywords as a part of the URL. But as an added bonus, having a structured, verbose URL often also ensures that your site is crawlable by the search engine robots without too many problems.

Verbose URLs

But there are several different ways to do Verbose URL's, depending on which data you have available, how much you want to maintain your structure and which SEO-guy you talk to. So instead of trying to suit every scenario out there we have implemented one out-of-the-box, and made sure you can customize or totally rebuild the URL structure should you wish to.

Multilingual Friendly URLs

If you run a multilingual shop, and especially if you run all languages on one domain, it is important to have different URL structures for each language.

The Google Robot or Spider doesn't like to click on flags, doesn't save cookies and always comes from an IP-address in the USA. That is why it is important to have a clear URL structure that ensures that one piece of content in one specific language, can only be found under one unique URL. And also have a structure in place, that tells Google (and users) that "you're now in the English section of our website".

This is build right into our Friendly URL structure. And as usual, if you don't like the way we have chosen to do it, it is easy to customize and have just the structure that you want.

Meta Information, Headings and Unique Titles

With both our Product and Category Definitions you are able to create just the data fields on categories and products that you want.

Custom Meta Information

Perfect for both meta data, but also for splitting data up in titles, short- and long descriptions etc. etc.
You define which fields you want and their type.

Ratings and Reviews in Google Search Results

Because you are in total control of the HTML markup, uCommerce supports the generation for Rich Snippets on the Google search result page.

Google SERP Reviews

Something that is especially usefull if you are using Social Commerce.

Price Information in Google Search Results

Just as with reviews and ratings, because you control the markup and can create Rich Snippets, you are able to tell Google specifics about your products. At the moment this means that product price and stock may show up in the search results, but more details are sure to be included in the future.

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