Marketing Foundation of uCommerce Explained

Marketing Foundation Explained

Marketing Foundation is one of the key features of uCommerce and through it's comprehensive Advertise - Act - Award system, it enables the web store owners and editors to create, target and execute as many and as diverse campaigns as they can conceive.

Web store owners typically has an offline store and are used to be able to use a wide range of marketing tools in their offline business. In the digital world however, they often experience that they are limited to a set number of tools provided by the platform. 

What the Marketing Foundation gives the web store owner, is an excellent tool to react instantaniously. To create offers, price reductions and marketing campaigns on the fly, or even schedule them in advance.


The basic principles of Marketing Foundation

As with everything else, the Marketing Foundation is built with the principles of Framework First, so whatever functionality found in the Marketing Foundation, it can be used as is - or be adapted or exchanged with new custom-built functionality.

The basic principle of the Marketing Foundation is centered on the Triple-A model: Advertise - Act - Award.

Advertise Act Award

A customer needs to be aware of the marketing effort, so he or she needs to be exposed to a campaign.

This can be done on the entire site, on a product catalog, on a specific category or even on a specific product.

Once the customer is aware of the campaign, it is now time to perform the act that releases the award.

Again this can be done on any level in the shop or by entering a Promocode, or by buying for more than (amount) or buy more than (number of products).  Finally you can introduce your own feature (e.g. subscriber to newsletter) through the option Dynamic order property.

Finally the customer gets to the interesting bit - the award!

The award can be a discount, free shipping, percentage of a specific product or a specific order line, or whatever the client wants it to be.

This concludes the sales process and hopefully closes the sale! 

Or in short: With Marketing Foundation you can Advertise a context sensitive offer, that when Acted upon releases a specific Award. Watch our video explaining our model in detail along with practical examples.

Lasse Kjaer Portrait"Creative usage of Promo Codes is a huge part of our online customer acquisition strategy. Because of the Framework-First approach of the Marketing Foundation in uCommerce we have been able to automate and integrate this easily and in a way, that simply would take far too long to do on most other platforms"
Lasse Kjær, co-founder at

Practical examples of Marketing Foundation

Here are further explanations on how to use different Marketing Foundation features in differet scenarios:

Sales materials

Here is our collection of sales material if you want help pitching Marketing Foundation to your clients:

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