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Christmas is a busy time for everyone, but for one particular niche of professionals, this is by far the busiest and most important time of year - and no, I’m not talking about Premier League Football players - but all the Digital Merchants out there, working with e-commerce for a living. Think about it, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas gifts and January Sales - this time of year is make it or break it, for many of the e-commerce businesses out there, and they typically have to make 30-40% …


As we are embarking on our #RoadToSymposium tour, the long stretches of road gives time to think and put things in perspective.

Talking to Darren Guarnaccia from Sitecore about Commerce Connect and how this enables companies to choose from a variety of e-commerce platform solutions, instead of just their own - as other CMS vendors tend to propose to their customers - got me thinking about choice.

A couple of years ago when Sitecore bought the remains of Commerce Server, it would have been na…

by Søren Spelling Lund

Co -Creation -02

Co-creation is a hot topic in the lean startup world. The basic notion is this: Form an idea and involve customers, potential or otherwise, in development and validation of the idea.

I'm a big fan of co-creation, it helps uCommerce focus on what truly matters to customers and partners. It's a true privilege to have customers and partners invested deeply in uCommerce, so much so that they volunteer their time and insights to help better the platform.

A …

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